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Was Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter Esteban Santiago radicalized? – Q&A for Americans

Below questions were taken from most popular keyword search from United States on our site soon after Esteban Santiago rampage at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

p.s. : United States = US 


Q: Was Esteban Santiago a muslim?

So far there’s no report from any “credible” news sources such as Fox News or Department of Homeland Security that Mr. Santiago was indeed caught yelling “Allah Akbar” while going on the rampage.

Q: Did Esteban Santiago went to mosque?

A lot of people went to mosque everyday which makes it difficult to track down every one of them. So far the FBI who were tasked to monitor every mosque in US haven’t release any statement yet.

Q: What was Esteban Santiago muslim tied?

Perhaps he has eaten few halal kebabs. Who knew?

Q: Is Esteban Santiago a muslim name?

Nope. That name is as Hispanic as it gets.

Q: Esteban Santiago an ISIS member?

No. He was in fact believed that he had been brainwashed by US government to fight ISIS. Which makes it perfectly normal since most American do believe that they also must fight ISIS.

Q: Was Esteban Santiago radicalized?

Yes. By the American forces to fight unsanctioned war in Iraq that killed thousands.

Q: Is Esteban Santiago a terrorist?

Nope. Since he’s not a Muslim, yet.


Five people killed in shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport -suspect is non-Muslim Esteban Santiago.

Esteban Santiago, 26, has been identified as the gunman who opened fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday.


Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca wrote on Facebook that Santiago landed at the airport aboard a flight from Canada. Santiago checked a handgun in his luggage and retrieved it at the Terminal 2 baggage claim, LaMaca wrote, adding that he loaded the gun in a bathroom then came out and opened fire. NBC News, citing law enforcement officials, confirmed LaMarca’s story.


Santiago was taken alive into custody. Five people were killed and eight people were wounded by Santiago, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.


Santiago was born in New Jersey, according to NBC News, and was a member of the U.S. Army National guard.


Santiago lived in Anchorage, Alaska from 2014 to 2016. Alaska court records show a criminal record there for minor traffic infractions including operating a vehicle without insurance and a broken taillight. Records also show his landlord evicted him for non-payment of rent in February 2015.



In January 2016, Santiago was charged with two misdemeanor crimes: one count of fourth-degree assault and another for damage of property over $50. According to a spokesperson from the Anchorage Police department the incident was related to domestic violence.


The case was resolved in March when Santiago entered into a deferred prosecution agreement, an alternative to adjudication where a state prosecutor dismissed the charges in exchange for Esteban’s completion of requirements that are unknown.