Taking care of yourself is an important part of the directors’ life

“It is important to understand that you can not give up, you need to achieve your goals” – these words are meant for each manager. In moments of fatigue and a sense of impracticability of the task, you need to pronounce these words, so as not to forget that it is important to go to the goal without giving up. Many heads of educational institutions think that they do not need help. However, for the success and development of school leaders need to choose a direction to support.

Search for allies

Each school leader needs to decide and find answers to the following questions: who can be considered allies and who can be asked for help in solving work problems. The search for partnerships on the Internet can be expedient. Twitter and Facebook groups are used to share experiences between leaders.

Do not forget about the possibility of assistance outside the virtual world. You can always find someone who has problems and interests similar to yours, someone already has experience in solving difficulties. One school leader tried to make this connection both at school and outside. He turned for help to his colleagues, two principals from neighbouring schools. The request was for school leaders to share their experiences in balancing management and educational activities. Gathering together once at dinner, in order to socialize and share experience in schools, the directors turned this event into a certain tradition: every month they gathered at dinner and shared their knowledge and experience.

Exchange of experience as a tool for self-development

If the manager studies the experience and knowledge of more experienced colleagues, this will allow him the following:

  • Changes in ideas and visions of the methods of his work for the better;
  • Establishing communication with colleagues by exchanging information about reading books, articles;
  • Establishing feedback with the students through the publication of quotes or articles on social networks.

Organization of work schedule and rest

The atmosphere at work definitely has an effect on the mood outside of it. Therefore, it is necessary to take a break for rest during the working period. Ask yourself the questions: do you remember when you last spent time with your family at a picnic? When did you have a vacation? When did you attend the theatre? If the answers to these questions cause you difficulty, then you just need to take a break.

It is important to organize your schedule so that it has a place for recreation. Working load makes a person tired. It is also necessary to set aside time for sports because good health is a guarantee of high working capacity, as well as an excellent tool in dealing with stress.

Making informed decisions

If you are in doubt do you want to be a school principal or not, then look at this more broadly, think about the prospects and this will help you make the right decision.

Start a diary and every day start by listing in it what you are happy with and what you would like to avoid. This will help you build a plan for the day.


Try to control yourself and not to react to factors that annoy you. If you received any information that may cause stress, try to pay attention not to give a negative reaction.

With long work on something or after a long meeting, spend a little time in the fresh air, it will help to replenish strength and avoid stress

Directors feel the burden of responsibility; it is necessary for them to remember that taking care of their emotional state is as important as taking care of textbooks and colleagues.