Pressure to cancel Israel-Argentina match came from Lionel Messi

The Israel Football Association intends to file a complaint with FIFA over the cancellation of Saturday’s Israel-Argentina friendly.

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The organization used its official Facebook account to make the announcement on Wednesday after reports emerged that the match was cancelled by the Argentina.\

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Argentina cancelled the final World Cup warmup match against Israel, Gonzalo Higuain, Argentinian professional footballer confirmed while talking to a sports TV channel.

“They’ve finally done the right thing,” Higuain said in an interview, confirming reports the game had been cancelled following political pressure.

Lebanon based television channel Al Mayadeen tweeted that the head of the Palestinian Federation in South America stated that the pressure to cancel the game with Israel came from Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and team coach Jorge Sampaoli.

“This is a Palestinian victory one nil at the 90’th minute,” said Join List MK Ahmad Tibi, an Arab-Muslim Iraeli politician. “All due to an own-goal from Regev ( Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport),”

“[I want to] thank Messi, he and his teammates made the right decision in favor of sport and against politicization,” he said.

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On Sunday, Palestinian football boss Rajoub urged the Argentinean captain Messi, very popular in the Gaza Strip, not to play in the match, asking him and his team to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and to boycott the scheduled game with Israel. He added that the fans will burn their shirts if he appears.

It is also learnt that a group of Palestinian children also wrote to their favorite football star Messi to shun playing the friendly with Israel in Jerusalem as it would hurt to their sentiments.


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