Germany’s ISLAMOPHOBIA leader just converted to ISLAM.. Everyone is Shocked!

In an ironic turn of events, a far-right German politician who was publicly critical and in opposition of Islam has reportedly become Muslim himself.


Arthur Wagner, a former leading member of a far-right party that campaigned against Muslims has recently left the party and converted to Islam.

Wagner was part of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, an anti-immigration group that believes “Islam is not a part of Germany” and has called for banning the Islamic call to prayer.

He is believed to have become the first AfD member to convert to Islam after joining the party.

The party’s September 2017 campaign slogans featured “Islam has no place in Germany” and “Against the Islamisation of Germany,” inciting negative sentiments against Muslim refugees living in the country.

AfD has tried to ban the construction of mosques in Germany and suggested that border police shoot refugees and migrants trying to enter the country.

Wagner himself has previously said German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a “huge mistake” by allowing many Muslim refugees into the country, according to German media.

However, in a surprising change of heart, Wagner has confirmed to a Berlin daily that he has taken his Shahada – a declaration of faith in Islam.

Wagner is considered the first member of the AfD to have converted to Islam after joining the party, but according to the party’s spokesperson, there have been Muslim members in the group.

“It is a private matter,” Wagner told national newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

According to Vox, German media reports he has been spending his free time volunteering with Muslim immigrants, which might have changed the way he views Islam.

Wagner, who was previously a part of the Christian Democrats and joined the AfD in 2015, has thus become among the 1.9 percent of the German population that identifies as Muslim.


“You never know”

Alhamdullilahs and mashallahs are pouring in

Muslims are welcoming him to the religion

“This is one of the ‘consequences’ of honestly studying Islam”









3 thoughts on “Germany’s ISLAMOPHOBIA leader just converted to ISLAM.. Everyone is Shocked!

  1. Kuwait: Abdullah al Sabah
    MosabHassan Yousef- Son of Hamas
    Walid Shoebat
    Afshin Ziafat
    Faisal Malik
    Karim Shamsi Basha
    Plus….millions others. Christ is winning!


    1. “Kuwait: Abdullah al Sabah”


      Any tangible evidence that this phantom ever existed, apart from in the delusional ravings of those who think that 1+1+1 = 1?


      1. Google comes in handy nowadays…check it…it’s easy. Oh, and… I am Christian but not trinitarian. Not all Christians are trinitarians. I believe that God is Yahweh (the Father) and Jesus was a PERFECT man that paid the price for Adam (the first perfect man). He was born of Mary (the human connection) but….even the Qur’an states that he had no human father, so….go figure…
        Jesus came from the spiritual world and became human through Mary. As a PERFECT human, he was able to pay the EQUIVALENT price for Adam. We,…can’t as we are ALL imperfect. He was the only one who made it possible, so….pay respect to that…


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