Man finally CONFESSED to killing and raping 6 y/o Zainab Ansari, Pakistan are shocked

An angry mob has surrounded the house of a murder suspect today amid claims he has confessed to raping and killing a six-year-old girl in a case that has shocked Pakistan.


The brutal killing of Zainab Ansari, whose body was left in a rubbish dump in Kasur, east Pakistan, after she was snatched while on her way to a class, has unleashed a wave of revulsion around the country.

A man, named only as Imran, has been arrested after his DNA matched samples found on her body, according to police sources. He has since confessed to the killing, officials say.



Imran was familiar with Zainab’s family and would also frequent the minor girl’s house, police sources said.

They said Ali had been taken into custody over two weeks ago but was let go on Zainab’s family’s plea that “he could not be a culprit”.

On 5 January, Zainab had gone missing while going to a religious tuition centre near her house in Kasur city, some 50-km from Lahore. Her parents had been in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and she had been living with her maternal aunt.


After her abduction, a CCTV footage showed her walking with a stranger near Peerowala Road.

On 9 January, her body was recovered from a heap of trash near the Shahbaz Khan Road. Autopsy report had confirmed rape.

Police have carried out DNA test of more than 1,000 suspects. The Supreme Court on last Sunday gave a 72-hour deadline to inspector general of police to arrest the culprit.

Violent protests gripped the Kasur city following Zainab’s murder that claimed two lives. The Zainab incident also stirred a national outcry demanding justice for her.


One thought on “Man finally CONFESSED to killing and raping 6 y/o Zainab Ansari, Pakistan are shocked

  1. Six years old!!!??? Wait, that rings a bell….but…I can’t say it! Would be haram to say such thing about a “prophet”. Beheading may follow from the religion of love. By the way, does Asia Bibi case also shocks Pakistan? How many years of torture she endured by now? Ahh,…right…. she is Christian,…. she deserves it.


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