400 MUSLIMS from all over the WORLD visit this poor British man before he dies. This is the most amazing story ever.

In 2014, British Muslim convert Peter Chatfield, is being held in Queens Hospital, Sahara Ward B5, due to spine cancer that has left him paralysed from the chest down. Doctors have given him an estimate of six months left to live.

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Chatfield called upon Muslim brothers to surround him through his rough period of time, as he doesnt have many Muslim friends.

The response he received was amazing. Not long after the message spread via social media, hundreds of Muslims from all backgrounds went to visit Peter in the hospital.

“I am truly blessed,” Peter was quoted saying by Ilmfeed. “I don’t turn anyone away. In the last few days I have had over 400 visitors. It’s madness, and I’m so thrilled and feel so blessed to be so loved. That is the most important thing here – love.”


Peter has recieved an astonishing response to his cry out to the Muslim community. A visitor flew in from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, just to see him and fly back. The day before a family from Penaylvania, USA came to spend some time with him.

He used to shoot at Mosque as a Christian, now he spreading Dawah as a Muslim.


Peter said “I know I haven’t long left, I’m ready to go and I hope anyone I have hurt or upset can forgive me before I leave you all.”

“Am I scared about leaving life? No, I’m at peace and surrounded by so much love. In fact I had to temporarily block my phone as I couldn’t handle the calls and messages I have received. I have not had one moment of doubt of where I’m going. Blessed be those who visit me.”

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He added, “I wish everyone here a speedy recovery. There’s so much you learn about human nature and life. Some people don’t receive a single visit and I have hundreds.”

“It’s so sad but that is the reality of life. People need to take a minute and spend some time with their loved ones – doing the important things in life – it’s a lot more than just a working, eating, sleeping routine for 60 or 70 years.”


Peter Chatfield passed away on 4th November 2014. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return).


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