British Christian man wanted to kill Muslims, ended up becoming a Muslim himself

Islamophobia and people reverting to Islam are two features that are always in the news.

Acid Attacks on Muslims are increasing in Britain. But no Western media dares to report it.


The story of Ibrahim Zain Killington reminds of the story of the great companion Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) – He got so angry one day that he decided to go kill the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but on his way there Allah opened his heart and he accepted Islam. Ibrahim Killington is a British man from Wymondham, Norfolk.

After the events of 9/11, he got so angry that he convinced himself he needs to kill as many Muslims as he can.

But Allah wanted otherwise for him and his heart got softened after reading the Quran. Here is his story in his own words:

Before I came to Islam, my life was really focused on drink, drugs, having fun. The whole purpose of life was just to have fun, have a laugh; the way to make your life bearable until you die, and hanging around with people of similar interests which were not always the best company to keep.

Gal Gadot isn’t Wonder Woman. She is part of IDF that killed thousands of innocent Palestinians

My first experience of seeing Muslims was the 9/11 attacks. I remember I was quite young at that time, I wasn’t completely aware of what was going on. In fact, I ran to my friends after seeing the news report, and I told them that the “tourists” have declared war on America, because I had never heard of terrorists before.


As the war was unfolding, I was seeing more and more about the war in Afghanistan, I started understanding that these people were Muslims. The Muslims are doing these horrible atrocities around the world.

So, from the media bombardment, I started getting a strong hatred for Muslims.

So much in fact that I tried to join the army three times with the goal of wanting to go over there, and kill as many of these people as I could, to do my bit for my country and to make it a bit safer for my family. I thought they were the biggest evil of the world.


I started hearing a bit more about Islam, the last time I was applying for the army, I came across this radio station, at that time, I was listening to conspiracy theory radio, and things like this.

It was a radio station from the American Government called Terror Talk, and it was talking about the life of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

It just didn’t sound right to me that people would follow him from all of the evil things that they were saying about him. So, I started to question what Muslims believed. At that time, I was on a spiritual search anyway. I was looking into Norse Mythology and Paganism, and one of my friends told me before you decide on this paganism thing have a look around a bit more. Therefore, I came across Muslims on the Internet.

I think one of the first people I saw on the Internet was Baba Ali. He broke the stereotype of Muslims for me.


I was surprised that this guy is funny and he was very laid back. He wasn’t with a big beard shouting “Kill the Kafir,” and this kind of stuff.

This brave Muslim woman took off her clothes to save a man on fire.

I eventually picked up the Quran from college. When I had it, I thought I was actually picking a “Terrorist Handbook,” and I was worried that MI5 would come after me as soon as they saw me taking it out of the library.

But as soon as I started reading the book, it hit me immediately. I couldn’t stop reading it; it sank deep into my heart.

As I continued reading through the different surahs (chapters), I remember reading about people in the fire having boiling water to drink that is burning their throats. As I could read this and I was living this awful life, I could feel my throat burning, and I could feel how real this thing was, and how I had to change.


First, I went to the mosque, I spent all day there reading. My Mom called me in the evening and asked me where had I been all day. I said I was at the mosque. So she said, “No, you can’t be at a mosque, you are a Christian. Christians don’t go to mosques.”

She was very shocked and was sure that I was going down a bad path. That was my Mom’s original reaction, after a while she started to accept it. She cried a lot. I’m not too sure why she was crying, I think she felt I was rejecting everything she taught me.

A lot of people say that when they found Islam, it is as if they’ve come home. And that’s the feeling I get.

Me in the past wasn’t me at all, I was being controlled by something else. Only good things have happened since I’ve become Muslim.


If I was going to give advice to someone else who is thinking about Islam, I’d definitely tell them to come to the mosque and speak to a man of knowledge.

Do not search the Internet for the answers. There are some good things on the Internet, but when you don’t know anything about Islam, you can’t judge what is right and what is wrong. So it’s much better to speak to someone.

Spend time with Muslims. I spent many weeks in their company, and you get an understanding of who they are and what kind of quality of people they are.


Don’t be afraid of what your family think; I’ve had many people and myself as well I was worried about what my parents would think, but at the end of the day Islam is for you, and you should hope the best for your parents will come afterwards.



3 thoughts on “British Christian man wanted to kill Muslims, ended up becoming a Muslim himself

  1. When this Israel-pushing Apartheid supremacist has solved the persecution of Palestinians (especially Muslim & Christian Arabians), then we can pow-wow.


  2. Post- Jan. 14th 2018
    Shalom (Peace) new friends. Here is your 1st edition of my daily posts. I write about everything concerning Israel and its relations to the Israeli-Arab conflict. I hope that it will clarify the situation as it is seen/understood from the Israeli side. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to call.
    1. I spent the last week in Azerbaijan (Az). What shall I say. This is the p0lqace that every Muslim must visit/stay/get educated. I know many Muslims from many places, including Muslim leaders. These people are different and I would say that I can live among them the rest of my life and I am certain that they will get benefited as well as me. Their lifestyle is completely western. (Well, no pork and no no-halal food. We can survive without them). Otherwise, everything is completely western. I didn’t hear the mosques Muezzin calling the believers to pray. Maybe because I lived in a su0poer hotel, outside the city, called “Boulevard”. The hotel, the amenities, the service, the staff, the food ……everything was high above all our expectations/dreams. I highly recommend this hotel, in case you visit Az and I recommend to visit AZ as it is a mixture of old and new. The old is in a process of being removed, not the holy places, of course.
    2. We traveled freely everywhere. Nobody asked a question. The interesting thing was that in one of the Mosques we met a couple. Started a talk. I realized that their accent is strange. They were Iranians. To set up a meeting between Iranians and Israelis is a big job. But, we became friends, took a common photo. They invited us for lunch and to visit them in Iran. They, most probably, are not aware of the current situation in the world concerning Iran and especially Israel. If I go there I buy just one-way ticket for half a price, to save the other half, as back I will come packed in a wooden box.
    3. We went to farms. They were modern ones. I offered them, and offer you as well, to come to the ARAVA agriculture exhibition that will take place in Israel @ the end of this month. 350 Israeli exhibitors will be represented there and the newest agro-technologies.
    4. The NP (None Palestinians) spends their money in war and compensations, to murderers, as described herein instead of spending it in development to help all/the Arab refugees. This is the NP (None Palestinians) price list/compensation/benefits for murdering Israelis: NP that murdered Israelis and were caught, sentenced to jail his family gets the following monthly salary, from the Palestinian authority for his time in jail: In prison up to 5 years-$600+$100 for married murderers+$20 for each child+$100 if he is from Jerusalem+$180 if he is Israeli. This makes the family of a murderer with full rights $3800 monthly. The family can live very wealthy and grow another generation of murderers. This is a very interesting education of the PA. An NP murderer that was sentenced to 20 years imprison gets just for himself without any additional the nice salary of $3400. To this basic salary, all the additional are added if he is married + children Etc. Such a one can get up to $5000, while he is staying in a 5 stars hotel, studying and planning his next step to double his earning. All the payments of the PA are reaching the fantastic sum of $350 million/year. This is one of the reasons that the NP attack and kill Israelis and one of the reasons that trump stopped aiding the NP and that the Gazans are still out of their homes. The PA doesn’t have enough income for helping the refugees and paying the murderers. They prefer to create more resistance to Israel, instead of making peace for the benefit of everybody. The sufferers are the NP in Gaza and in the West Bank. This is the way of the Arabs to solve the problem-carry on make t5he refugees to suffer. If the murderer was killed during trials to kill Israelis double these salaries for the entire of the life of his family.
    5. With all the written in #4 and in spite of all other troubles, we Israel managed to build, balance and increase the Israeli economy. Here are some figures that will give you an idea of the Israeli abilities to help our neighbors, the Arabs, if they would like to get the assistance they could advance their people substantially. In 1980 the Israeli GDP was less than $10000 PP (per person). In 1997 the GDP went up to $20000. In 2007 the GDP was $ 25000. And in 2017 Israel’s GDP reached $40000. Only 18 economies, worldwide have more than this figure, among them are France, Japan, The URO union, and most of the OECD states. Israel reached these achievements although all the problems, troubles and hardships. A comparison to Arab/ Muslim states give the results that only the tiny petrostates have better GDP than Israel. All others are far below is5rael and some of them scratch the bottom of the income levels.
    6. The one question that must be asked is why these states are that low? The answer is because they don’t want to improve themselves due to their ideology to stay poor and to prove that Israel is responsible for it.
    7. The situation in Gaza, for example, is catastrophic. They have power 4 hours a day. Their water are polluted and cause sicknesses. The unemployment is 60%. Every figure that I look at is the lowest in the world. They are considered, as refugees. They must get out of this situation as if they don’t do it nobody will do it for them. This is the mentality that must be changed. It will be changed only if the world will understand that the Gazans, and other Muslims/Arabs, must get the rods to go fishing, not the ready fish for eating. It means that they must be trained to work themselves for the money/ money valued they get instead of waiting, doing nothing, actually giving troubles, in order to survive.
    8. They can have the best income source if the stop thinking of ruining Israel and inherit it. It won’t work. Stop dreaming. Do, like many other successful states (Azerbaijan, for example) that know that money does not grow on the trees. One must work for the money which for they can buy food and other human necessities. I recommend you, the Israel Arab neighbors, to start thinking logically. Forget your imagination of killing Jews and ruining Israel.
    9. The NP (None Palestinian) refugees in Lebanon suffer from apartheid as they can’t get human rights. It happens in Iraq too. The new law “76” strengthen/repeats the old law that limited the NP rights. They are exposed, in Iraq, to the persecutions of the Iraqi government. What is this if not apartheid? The funny thing is that every Arab blames Israel, none of them is blaming Arab countries. The population of the Christians, in Iraq slashed as from 45% to the ridiculous % of 4. The Lebanese are cooperating with Iran and change both of them Lebanon and Iraq. So, instead of blaming Israel with no reason check the Iranians, and other Arab countries.
    10. In the Iranian-Iraqi war, that last 8 years, there were more than 1 million casualties. Did/do/does anybody mention this figure anywhere in the literature/press? No, nobody did. The reason is that Muslims killed Muslims and they don’t care about killing. Today they are doing it, also without publishing the truth. They give publicity when one Arab was killed by Israelis. As if he was killed by Israelis, after he came to kill us, he became Shahid. (Holy person). But if he was killed by a Muslim he is another victim among the other 999999 people that were killed by the Muslims. This is the way that the enemies of Israel see the situation.
    11. What do the Gazans, for example do with the money/donations that they get from UN agencies and more people/bodies? They use it to build attack tunnels. Yesterday, Shabat (Saturday) Israeli planes destroyed another (the 3 rd one in the last 3 months) attack tunnel that violated the Israeli space as it penetrated Israel 180 meters (for ft multiply by 3). The attack tunnel must have cost them, Gazans/Hamas, couple of $ millions as it started in Gaza, passed through Israel to Egypt. If this money, and more than was wasted for more tunnels, would have been used for productive purposes, the Gazans would have never reached the level of life as explained earlier.
    12. Israel will destroy every attack tunnel. Israel must secure its citizens. The Israeli technology to reveal/detect tunnels is the most advanced and as such there is no chance that the Arabs will succeed to manage attacks on Israel. The Arabs just waste the money that should have been used to help the poor people for their leaders and the Iranians imagination.
    13. This is one of the Israeli contributions to the world. The following is the result of the education. There is nothing bad in learning the Islam, but the pupils must know that the Quran is a very old book and the conditions has been changes and the people must switch into modern point of views and leave the old fashion. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress. She was staring in the last “Wonder woman’. She was very successful. I am not sure about her salary. I am sure that since then she worked very hard to qualify the women rights in the world. In the ceremony to her another prize “#seeher” she drew the attention of the world to the fact that the last 3 best movies/sellers were staged by women. “We, as women, must teach/educate the world to love, and to respect each other……”. The director of the movie said the following: “I was very lucky to work with exceptional w9oman (Gal Gadot) and I am very proud to call her my friend. Gal Gadot made, in this film, much more than wonder woman did”. Well, I don’t have to repeat myself, but I will do, to explain that all of it is just the result of the education that she, Gal, got in Israel. It means that the Israeli education is better than many others and I suggest/ recommend all education systems to imitate/learn from Israel.
    Well, I hope that I managed to clarify the situation as it is seen through the Israeli glasses.
    I am ready to explain/clarify/answer any question. Please do.
    Please share the posts.
    In friendship


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