Sudan sent troops to Eritrea, preparing for war with Egypt and UAE.

The Sudanese army has deployed thousands of troops on its borders with Eritrea, after Egypt sent its own soldiers, in coordination with the UAE, to an Eritrean base in Sawa. 

Sudanese army

The Assayha Sudanese newspaper quoted Ethiopian sources as saying that the government of the Ethiopian western region sent military reinforcements to the border triangle with Eritrea and Sudan.

The same sources revealed details of Eritrean military reinforcements supported by Egypt, as well as rebel movements from the Darfur region in western Sudan, gathering near the Sudanese-Eritrean border.

The Sawa base, which is located in the Gash-Barka region bordering eastern Sudan, is the main centre for training National Service soldiers. Al-Jazeera reported that a meeting was held at the base which included a number of military and security leaders from Egypt, the UAE, Eritrea and the Sudanese opposition represented in some Darfur and eastern Sudan movements.

Egyptian army

A political dispute emerged recently after Sudan signed a deal with Turkey to rebuild Suakin island on the Red Sea coast and a naval dock.

Ankara and Khartoum said the island deal would increase tourism and create a transit point for pilgrims crossing the Red Sea to Islam’s holiest city, Mecca.

Egyptian and Saudi media slammed the agreement and alleged that Turkey would build a military base on Suakin island harming the security of Arab countries – a claim denied by Sudan and Turkey.



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