Hungary’s PM called refugees arriving in Europe as ‘Muslim invaders’

Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister has said refugees arriving in Europe are ‘Muslim invaders’ who have created ‘parallel societies that will never unite’.

Hungary’s controversial Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban insisted his country had not taken in migrants because Hungarians were not in favour of opening their borders.

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The hard-line leader oversaw the construction of an electronic fence along Hungary’s border as a refugee crisis hit Europe in 2015 while the country’s treatment of migrants has been slammed by the UN and human rights groups.


Asked about the country’s reluctance to accept refugees like other European nations, Orban told the German newspaper Bild: ‘I can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want any migration.’

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He claimed that most refugees were not fleeing to Europe to escape danger, but rather were ‘economic migrants in search of a better life.

The 54-year-old then said Hungary regarded them instead as ‘Muslim invaders’ and insisted that this will lead to the appearance of ‘parallel societies. Christian and Muslim communities would ‘never unite’, he added.


Orban has faced a wave of criticism over his controversial stance and once described immigration as a ‘poison’ and the ‘Trojan Horse of terrorism’.

Orban and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki lead conservative governments under fire from Brussels over their refusal to take in migrants under a quota system and over their efforts to tighten state control of their courts and media.





One thought on “Hungary’s PM called refugees arriving in Europe as ‘Muslim invaders’

  1. When you have a country with a strong majority of Christianity, things are OK overall. As soon as Muslims comes and bring Islam, problems start to show.Christians have accepted Muslims who ran away from poverty and persecution from fellow Muslims in their own country. Then they realized that their own liberties are disappearing steadily. They were used to think that anyone and anything can be criticised. Now they find out that they have to reconsider that. Mohammed is above criticism, on equal footing with God. No…., wait…, God can be criticised but… Mohammed not. “Behead those who insult the prophet” they see banners now in the cities where they used to grow without fear. Then they have to see some of their money going to sponsor those who wrote and paraded the banners. Then they have to accept some areas of their country as a No-Go zone, but they still see the money took with taxes being given to those who patrol the No-Go zones to make sure they are Islamic. They have to reconsider putting up a Christmas tree, or anything Christian that might offend the Muslims. Yet, Muslims never care if they offend the Christians when they march on European streets calling for the destruction of Jews and of Israel. Yet, Jesus Christ was a Jew from Israel. And it’s because of this Jew which Europeans accepted and followed his commandments that Europe enjoys the prosperity and the peace desired by the Islamic world. God accepted their respect for His Son and in return He bestowed His blessings on Europe. Victor Orban, Poland, etc saw it.


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