ISIS declares war on Palestine’s Hamas

The Egyptian wing of Daesh Takfiri terrorists has released a new execution video, declaring war on the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement based in Gaza.

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n image taken from a video released by the Egyptian wing of Daesh Takfiri terrorists Egyptian

The video, released Wednesday, purports to show the execution of a man who Daesh claims cooperated with Hamas’ armed wing.

“Never surrender to them. Use explosives, silenced pistols and sticky bombs. Bomb their courts and their security locations, for these are the pillars of tyranny that prop up its throne,” said one of the militants in the video.

The Egyptian wing of Daesh, known as the Sinai Province, is notorious for its brutal massacres, including the Sinai 2015 plane crash which killed 224 passengers and mass killing of over 300 people at a Sufi mosque in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, the deadliest attack in modern Egyptian history.


The video comes as Hamas has been cooperating with Egyptian security forces to restore stability to Sinai, which borders Gaza.

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In October, the Palestinian resistance movement arrested four senior Daesh terrorists in Sinai.


Takfiri groups such as Daesh have never attacked Israel despite operating close to Syria’s borders with the occupied Palestinian territories. Israel is widely believed to be supporting terrorists in Syria by launching airstrikes against various targets there from time to time.

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Meanwhile, the US and its allies, which have been conducting airstrikes against what are said to be Daesh targets inside Syria, have repeatedly been accused of providing logistic support and air cover for Daesh terrorists.

Daesh, however, lost all the territory under its control in Syria and Iraq late last year.


One thought on “ISIS declares war on Palestine’s Hamas

  1. You guys sound like you are surprised! Isn’t this what happened since Muhammad started this? Islam is about having an enemy. When it can’t find one or can’t attack it because the enemy its too strong, then Islam has to find an enemy within. The entire Qur’an is about war and violence and when people choose this over the teachings of Jesus which never approved or enticed to violence…we have what we have now. Even in Qur’an Jesus is described as resurrecting dead people, healing leprosy, giving life to birds of clay and there is not one Surah that describes him as being violent or asking for violence. So, why Muslims reject such a wonderful man, only to deify a man like Muhammad who killed and beheaded men, took their wives as sex slaves, build an army and went on a rampage to subjugate peaceful living people in surrounding countries… beyond my understanding. But…one thing I understand: God rejects this!!! It is obvious because He didn’t gave the Muslims the leading, He gave it to Christians. They lead and make the rules in this world, however imperfect they do. But even the Muslims desire them that is why they run from Islamic countries to “Dhar-al-Gharb” where God has shown His approval. Islam is destructive…. even for Muslims. Get Isa!


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