Iranian Protesters Burn Khomeini Pictures, Chanting ‘We Don’t Want Islamic Country’

Iranians took to the streets for a third day of anti-government protests in what appeared to be the biggest domestic political challenge to Tehran’s leaders since the 2009 Green movement was crushed by security forces.

At least two protesters were killed in the city of Doroud, in Iran’s western Lourestan province, as the riot police opened fire to contain a group of people said to have been trying to occupy the local governor’s office. Clashes between demonstrators and the anti-riot police became violent in some cities as the demonstrations spread.

The two men killed in Doroud have been identified as Hamzeh Lashni and Hossein Reshno.

Videos posted online showed their bodies on the ground, covered with blood. Another video showed protesters carrying their bodies to safety. At least two others were also reported to have been killed in Doroud, but this could not be independently verified.

Iranian state television showed thousands gathered in Tehran and other cities to support their Supreme Leader Ayotallah Ali Khamenei. State television showed the rallies in Iran’s capital and its second largest city of Mashhad.


One thought on “Iranian Protesters Burn Khomeini Pictures, Chanting ‘We Don’t Want Islamic Country’

  1. Duuuh!!! Of course people don’t want Islamic republics. That is why Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraq, Iranians, etc etc. run away from the Islamic “paradise”. One would expect that they would run to another Islamic “paradise” but…No…they run to Christian countries…to Dhar-al-Gharb!!! Wow! After 1400 years of bloodshed, poverty, abuses, wars, famine, after experiencing how Justice is working under Islam…people don’t want it anymore. Why is that a surprise? Even a blind person could “see” that the Islam Muhammad spread by sword is NOT approved by the Creator! It calls for killing, it calls for oppression and force. And they are tired of living in fear, tired of hating their fellow human beings because they are Jews, or Christians, or Hindu or…God bless the Iranian people who open Church-houses by thousands in Iran and refuse to worship that god (Allah) that gave them nothing but suffering. Christ is winning!


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