Canada Now Banned Burka… 11 Months After A Christian Man Killed 6 Muslims In A Mosque

After a gunman killed six worshippers inside a Quebec City mosque in January, the outpouring of support for the Muslim community was immediate. 

6 Muslims are dead in Mosque shooting in Canada as America’s Trump persisting in persecuting Muslims. More signs to come?

Bissonnette, 27, was charged with six counts of first-degree murder

The attack would be “a turning point” in the strained relationship between Quebec and its Muslim minority,

But the ensuing nine months have seriously undercut Couillard’s message of inclusiveness, and Muslim leaders are left wondering when the promised change will come.


In October, the Liberal majority passed into law Bill 62, which singles out the small number of Muslim women who wear face-covering niqabs or burkas and bans them from receiving government services, right down to a bus ride or a library card.


People affected by the law would include public-sector employees such as teachers, police officers, hospital and daycare workers.

Fox News intentionally accused a MUSLIM for Quebec Mosque TERROR ATTACK. Then pretended like nothing happened when it was revealed that the terrorist was in fact a WHITE PERSON

Right-wing extremist groups and some local French-speaking media in recent years have targeted Quebec’s Muslims as part of a broader debate on the accommodation of religious and cultural minorities in the province.

Incidents of Islamophobia have increased in Quebec in recent years. In January, six people were killed in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque. A French-Canadian university student has been charged as the sole suspect.






2 thoughts on “Canada Now Banned Burka… 11 Months After A Christian Man Killed 6 Muslims In A Mosque

  1. This happened after Muslims killed Canadians in terror attacks in Montreal and Ottawa. It also happened after a video tape message leaked from an Islamic school showing how the children were taught to behead the kufars. After MAC (Muslims Association of Canada) was caught gathering funds from Canadians to fund terrorist organisations
    Stop your hate and terrorism and you will be welcomed. Continue you hate spread and you will be deported or jailed. Simple as that! Hindu people are not in the News, Buddhists are not targeted, no other religious group is. Why? Because they mind their own business, go to work, come back home and worship Buddha or Vishnu or…without any problems. Muslims are the only ones who ask for “beheading of those who insult the prophet”, killing of Jews, imposing Sharia, etc. So don’t be surprised when people are reacting to this.


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