Islam Will Be UK No.1 Religion In Next 10 years – Analysis Confirms

One in 10 people under 25 are Muslim, while Christianity is in decline, census reveals. An explosion in the Muslim population and an aging Christian demographic could mean Islam will be the dominant religion in the UK in 10 years.

Hundreds of Muslims refugees in Finland converted to Christianity because ‘they no longer need Islam’.

A new analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that the number of Christians was falling 50 per cent faster than had previously been thought.

Furthermore, the analysis showed that the majority of Christians were over the age of 60 and for the first time less than half of young people describe themselves as Christian.

As a result the ONS has calculated that in a decade only a minority will classify themselves as Christians in England. Christianity is still the dominant religion in the UK with over 50 per cent of the population regarding themselves as believers.


However, this may be set to change as the British Muslim population has surged dramatically over the past 15 years, increasing by 75 per cent in England and Wales.

This puts the Muslim population of the UK at around 5 per cent, a total that has been boosted by around 600,000 Muslim immigrants who have arrived in the UK over the past decade.



Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, said to UK daily the Telegraph that the decline of Christianity is “inevitable.”

Muslim woman forced to take off niqab by armed police in Austria in the street. Humiliating!

The change has been dubbed as a “significant cultural shift” by the British Humanist Association, while the Church of England has shrugged off the statistics, maintaining they still retain a strong base of believers.




The rising number of immigrants and different ethnicities in the UK has given rise to increasing levels of segregation. Think tank ‘Demos’ has labeled the phenomenon ‘white flight’, citing the falling number of ethnic whites in areas where they are minorities.

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Demos’ investigation revealed that new ethnic minorities like Somalis where moving into areas where older most established ethnic populations like Afro-Caribbeans had previously been dominant.

The population of London is indicative of the change in the British demographic with 600,000 white Londoners moving out of the capital in the past decade.





12 thoughts on “Islam Will Be UK No.1 Religion In Next 10 years – Analysis Confirms

  1. Alhamdulilah for islam and Muslims, we going to donate almost every in the world we going to spread world of الله all and is Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم I may ALLAH accept it for us and guide Muslims umma Amin.


    1. What an ignorant jibe.
      Muslims currently number ~ around 21% of diverse humanity, comprising differing racial, ethnic, linguistic & socio-economic backgrounds.
      Muslims have been around for over a millennium, being present in many lands.
      They have, are & will continue to play their fair share in the human story, covering the whole spectrum from negative, neutral & positive contributors.


      1. Shalom Peripatetic
        I know the negative roles the Muslims play in the world. You can find them in some of my posts. I can add more, many more. Could you, please, note some positive ones?
        Awaiting your sincere reply
        In friendship


      2. Salaam Amir (seelistenunderstand), one positive role is the Muslims protected poisonous snakes like you when all over Europe Christians were slaughtering your people for hundreds of years.


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