Muslim Mom Banned From British College For Wearing A Veil. ISLAMOPHOBIA In Britain!

A MUSLIM mum has lashed out a college which asked her to leave an open day because she was wearing an Islamic face veil.

nintchdbpict000362185409.jpgSayeedah Mahetar, 44, was told she could not enter St Mary’s College in Blackburn, Lancs, with her daughter because she was wearing the niqab.

The college has said it was following guidelines which require all visitors to ‘remove garments which obscure the face’ for security reasons.

Sayeedah said she refused to remove the veil after being asked by a teacher, and her daughter then declined to take part in the open day.

She said: “The staff member rushed over to me and whispered to me, ‘Are you aware of our dress code policy?’

“I said no and then she said that anyone wearing a veil compromises the safety of students and teachers and that either I remove the veil or I leave.”


Sayeedah said her daughter argued that if she were to attend the college, her mum would be declined permission to enter in the case of an emergency or a meeting with a tutor.

The mum-of-five said: “It’s a shame as my daughter was speaking very highly of their courses.

“I don’t see the logic in their actions. They said they needed to identify everyone coming into the building.

“If they needed to identify me, the woman could have asked me to lift my veil to see me and that would have concluded the matter.”


“Even at the airport which is a place of heightened security, women are allowed to wear veils and are asked separately to show their faces when going through security checks.

“No-one else was asked to verify their identity, no-one’s bags were checked, no proof of identity was shown when entering the building.

“Anyone could have walked in.”

St Mary’s College dress code policy is on their website.

Sayeedah added: “In their equal opportunity policy statement they say, ‘We will take any and all necessary actions to prevent discrimination or harassment’.

“They say that, yet they discriminated against me within five minutes of arriving at the college.”




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