Muslim Man Attacked With Chain By White Racists For Selling Halal Food In New York

Shocking video captured a brawl that erupted Sunday night between a group of men and a Halal cart owner in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

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The fight broke out around 11.30pm near the unidentified worker’s food truck.

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The graphic video shows three to four men punching the man as he tries to defend himself from the ground.

At one point, it appears another worker jumps in to help his friend.
The Halal cart owner along with another man were taken to the hospital and suffered injuries to their arms and back.

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The video continues and shows one man whipping another with a chain.



As crowds gather to watch the altercation, some jump in to assist the halal workers, throwing punches and kicks. One man even uses a shoe to assault the man on the ground.

According to the NYPD a 25-year-old man has been arrested and expected to be charged with assault.


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