Russian Mercenaries Bought Syrian Virgins For £75 As Sexual Partners

Mercenaries from Russia are ‘buying’ Syrian virgins for £75 as sexual partners as they fight a secret war against jihadists in support of Damascus dictator Bashar al-Assad, it has been reported.

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These clandestine Russian forces also decapitate captured jihadists receiving a bounty of £13 for each beheaded ISIS fighter, claimed a veteran hired gun.

Moscow has denied deploying mercenaries in the country but in recent days two members of these unofficial private armies were seized by ISIS and are believed to have been beheaded.

Now an ex-Russian army man serving as a mercenary has revealed secrets of the deployment, often at the frontline facing jihadist forces.

Asked about rest and relaxation in war-ravaged Syria, he said the Russian fighters bought virgins to act as ‘wives’ either for a year for £75 or ‘forever’ at a cost of £1,130 to £1,500.

A succession of Russian showbusiness stars have flown in to entertain Vladimir Putin’s official troops stationed in the country.

But the mercenary fighters are not even officially acknowledged as being there, and not permitted to attend or socialise with the regular armed forces, said Sergey from Donetsk, a former lawyer in his 30s, who has been a mercenary for four years first in eastern Ukraine – where Russia also denied deploying such forces – then Syria.


‘It is boring sometimes. But you can buy a wife,’ he said. ‘A virgin from a good family costs $100 for a year. If you take her forever, then it’s $1,500-2,000.

‘It’s easier to buy than to search for one. I know guys who got papers sorted for such brides and later took them back to Russia with them.

‘But it’s mainly officers who can afford them.’

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He revealed that private army mercenaries like him receive no Russian medals – and if they are killed in action, their bodies will not be flown home.

They call Syria the ‘sandbox’ and know that ‘if something happens, no one will rescue them’, revealed Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

‘Their contract states that freight-200 (corpses) are not returned. Too expensive.’

Sergey said: ‘We are not given awards…..Our trip’s aim is salary. Without patriotism.’

Many were fooled into thinking their tours would not be too dangerous, he said.


‘Our recruiters were telling us: “You’ll be protecting communications, checkpoints, oil derricks, rebuilding plants. And when we arrived – surprise! – it’s the assault battalion”.’

Contracts specify that mercenaries do not speak about their work, indeed they are urged not even to tell their families where they are going.

‘I signed an agreement,’ he said. ‘There is a list of thing that we need to do, responsibilities, but no rights.

‘If you violate some article, for example, drinks at the front, you are fined. The whole unit is fined. But [people] drink little, it’s too hot. But vodka in Syria is good.’

He is paid £1,960 a month – ‘my wife is pregnant, I have two children, a son and daughter, my parents are old.

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‘I wouldn’t earn it even in a year. Even if I am fooled and paid less, it’s still better than nothing.’

Two such private armies are operating now in Syria, he said, one called Wagner, the other Turan, and officially ‘they have no relation to Russia’s official military institutions’, although on the ground work in tandem are essential for the success of Putin’s military operations.

When they flew by charter plane to Lattakia they were told to say there were ‘peacemakers’.





3 thoughts on “Russian Mercenaries Bought Syrian Virgins For £75 As Sexual Partners

  1. Does it hurt you what the Russian did? well, now you will learn that your Quran, that encourages rape of enemies women, is a faulty one. It calls to a violation. I am sorry for the poor women and their families, butyou, Muslims, must understand that you are no better than all other people and the written/commanded in your holy Quran is inhuman. It violates all past and present laws of any modern state. If you behave according to the Quran you are not modern. So, be sensible and fight the written there, not only is rapping cases. There are very many not updated issues that need revisions.


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