11 Pictures That Will Open Your Eyes About Saudi Evil War On Yemen

Societies pick and choose their outrage. What is one day considered barbaric is met with a collective yawn the next.


Unfortunately, for the innocent people of Yemen, the masses are completely uninterested in their current state of suffering. Maybe it’s because Western propaganda hasn’t sufficiently signaled in the direction of the misery and destruction facing the Yemeni people.

Maybe it’s that the havoc is being carried out by Saudi Arabia and their cohorts, who are not only allies of the United States and the United Kingdom but also have the financial means to silence dissent in the West.

Possibly, it’s that the U.S. and the U.K. are both backing the carnage on the ground in Yemen, not only via the providing of arms to the Saudi coalition but also providing military ground support.


Whatever the reason may be, the time has come for the world to wake up and realize there is more on planet earth than Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Thousands upon thousands have been killed, maimed, or displaced in the Middle Eastern nation since the conflict began in 2015. Since April, 1,800 Yemenis have died from cholera and nearly 370,000 have contracted it. That figure is expected to rise to 600,000.

Below is a photographic glimpse of the anguish that has befallen the people and destroyed the country.


Source: http://anonymous-news.com


One thought on “11 Pictures That Will Open Your Eyes About Saudi Evil War On Yemen

  1. Have to blame Allah and Mohammad for this one. Before Mohammad died he never received a revelation from Allah for an orderly succession of power. If Allah could truly see the past, present, and future he would have seen all this Sunni Shia sectarian violence and given Mohammad a clear line of succession.

    This Islamic Sectarian violence has been going on for 1400 years with no end in sight – the hatred and division run too deep – Then again this is the nature of Political Islam.

    PROBLEM is if you blame Mohammad and Allah for this violence, both the Sunni and Shia will agree you must die for blaspheming Allah and Mohammad. So it goes.


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