Christianity is dying in Germany, and Islam set to take over as biggest religion.

Christianity in Germany, and indeed in all of Europe, is dying.


There are about 47 million Catholics and Protestants combined in Germany, representing roughly 60 percent of the German population, but that number is falling by 500,000 a year through deaths alone, according to the Gatestone Institute.

All across Germany, churches now sit mostly empty on Sunday mornings, and it’s a problem for Catholics and Protestants alike.

In the year 2016 alone, the German Catholic Church lost 162,093 faithful attendees and closed 537 parishes, according to data from the German Bishops’ Conference. One-quarter of all German Catholic communities that existed in 1996 have now closed.

Similarly, in 2016, 340,000 German Protestants died while 190,000 people left the church. Only 25,000 people joined the church.

Among all German Christians, there were about 1.4 million more deaths than births between 2010 and 2015. In all of Europe, there were almost 6 million more Christian deaths than births in that time period.


According to the German publication Die Welt, Christians will become a minority in Germany by 2033.

Fewer Catholics in Germany has also meant fewer priests.

While Christianity is dying in Germany, Islam is on the rise. Historian Walter Laqueur wrote that Germany had about 700 “little mosques and prayer rooms” in the 1980s but “more than 2,500 at the present time” – and that was in 2009.


Today, Turkey controls 900 mosques or religious communities in Germany. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is committed to building more mosques in European capitals, just as he has built 17,000 Islamic prayer sites in Turkey since taking power.

The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs recently opened a large new mosque in Cologne, Germany, with a 1,200-person capacity and the tallest minaret in Europe.


Erdogan views mosque construction as a form of Islamic imperialism. He once stated, “Our minarets are our bayonets, our domes are our helmets, our mosques are our barracks.”

But Erdogan’s Turkey is not the only Islamic regime set on planting Islamic communities in Europe.


In 2015, at the height of the European refugee crisis, Saudi Arabia offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for the “spiritual needs” of the Muslim refugees. Many Germans viewed the offer as cynical because Saudi Arabia refused to take in any refugees itself.

Muslims are quickly replacing the native-born populations of Germany and other Western European countries. Western women only have about 1.4 to 1.9 children per woman, while Muslims give birth to three to seven children per woman. It leads to a dangerous demographic forecast.

“If current migration trends continue, it is not far-fetched to conclude that Germany, Belgium and France, which is already 10 percent Muslim, could approach a majority Muslim population within seventy-five years,”


24 thoughts on “Christianity is dying in Germany, and Islam set to take over as biggest religion.

  1. And after Islam is taking over and destroys Europe like it destroys the countries where these refugees run from…..where are the Muslims going to run? If Islam is so good as some brag here, why didn’t it bring any good result in the countries where it was implemented? Why are people running from those countries? So, again: after Islam will destroy Europe, where will the Muslims run? Israel?


    1. Syria was not destroyed solely by “Islam” (as you arguably put it), but by also by great power “Christian” Realpolitik.

      Syria has been destabilised by the destruction of Iraq & its subsequent spillover.

      The migration from Libya was aided by “regime change” of Gaddafi.

      The Neo-Con fanatics have much to answer for in destroying relatively stable regions in the name of political extremism.


  2. @seelisting, I like your comments but mind you the Quran is different from sharia is not every Muslim that practices sharia, the Quran is superior to any sharia or hadith, their is nothing like sharia in my place, Islam teaches everything. Thanks


  3. who needs rectified Almighty Allah s.w.t will chooses,and he or she will be lucky one,This way Islam will be set on this Planet.Islam is most purest Religion there is no doubt.In South East Asia was mostly Hindu,Christian,Buddist and others minor comunity’s just 200 year’s ago.It’s changed lot it’s true way. World must choose the Truth and right thing.Amin,amin,amin.I am here because of my father of fourthfather convarted.


  4. Europe and Germany will never turn to be Christian. All Muslims that think it will happen will be disappointed. This is what they deserve. By the way: why they want Europe to become Muslim as long as they have their places to live. Why the Muslims not to be converted to other religion? All other religions are much better than Islam as there are no that much orders to kill and behead people, for the slightest crime, like in the Quran-the holy book of the Islam.


    1. “Orders 2 kill”shame u are brain washed tell me where in the quraan is that statement nd by the way are u deaf or blind tell me who is the terrorist who kill nd bomb the most innocent ppl steal islamic countries recources .so get ur facts nd not by the media coz zionist control the media b4 maken stupid comments about islam.


    2. Bro..

      I think U thought very bad about Islam..
      But Islam is the wonderful religion..
      not only religion, It is the way of life.

      Please ready for reading the quran with urself.
      Don’t depend on media or some Islam haters…


      1. Shalom dear Kalil.
        To your surprise, I am Jewish, live in Israel and I read the holy Quran twice, in order to know more about what we read and hear in the daily news. Sorry, I completely disagree with you. Unfortunately, the Quran is a way of life, like you wrote, but it is very bad. I am ready to continue this discussion as I have a lot to say about it. I would like very much to have it differently or at least not to obey it blindly.


    3. We muslim do not want Europeans to become muslim because we are gaining something.But we know is the true religion of the Almighty God that is why.Take a look at the Islamic state in the world all are having budgetary allocation of for Islamic affairs


      1. Watching the Muslim world,for many years and living with Muslims and having many Muslim friends, I came to the conclusion that the Islam is not the ideal religion, if there is such a thing, as theIslam is supporting wars and conquer and violation against everybody who is not Muslim, don’t want to convert and don’t want to live under Islamic rule. In general, in the modern/democratic/free world everybody must be entitled to choose his way of life, this does not happen among the Muslims and the Islam. If you want more info, just open the Quran, Sharia, Hadith and you will find it there in vast quantities, it is just a matter how you translate the written there.
        Your reaction to the above written will be appreciated.
        In friendship


    4. Don’t fool urself and judge Islam by what individual Muslim wrongly committed. In my country Nigeria and other countries of the world, christians were deeply involved and caught redhanded committing terror(suicide bombing, massive shooting, and all sort of worldly crimes. Islam is the only divine religion that will take u to prosperity and tranquillity in this life and the hereafter. Quest for true religion you would find Islam.


      1. Shalom and thank you, M. for your concern. I deeply concern in the change of the Islam, since its early days, when he was a real leading religion, having the most advanced researchers and technology innovations, to today’s, that the Islamists are involved in every war/fight/clash anywhere in the world. All killings/casualties are currently among the Muslims done by Muslims against Muslims debates. Sorry, but this is the situation. how can you justify and explain it when we see it daily. Please don’t hide your head in the sand. Just open them and give yourself the report about Muslims behavior. I wish that the world will change and all of us, you and me, all people in the world will unite under one flag that will say “only good for everybody” and will stop all wars, including the Muslim Boko Haram in Nigeria.
        In friendship


    5. Peace on to you, my brother Islam is peace submitted to God, Islam is the best religion because in Islam we Moslem only submit ourselves to Allah one and only truth God. And Allah said my Deen will super seed all the world.


      1. shalom Mustapha
        Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I completely disagree with you, but I respect your belief/opinion. I would be more than happy if you could read also the Bible, which was translated into English and it is called the old testament, in order to know other religions than the Islam so you could compare. Anyway, thank you for reading my posts and please share them with your friends. In friendship


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