Syrian Refugees in Spain ‘Frustrated With Islam’, Choose to Become Christians.

A Christian aid worker in Spain has shared how many Syrian refugees in the country are “frustrated” with Islam and are converting to Christianity.


Pablo, the leader of a small, indigenous ministry that helps resettle war-scarred refugees from Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere, shared the story of Amer and his wife, Sana.

Having lost everything and watched his father die while fleeing to Europe from Islamic State atrocities in Syria, Amer was a broken man when he arrived in Spain along with his wife and two teenage children.

Although a Muslim, Amer was embittered toward religion after seeing Islamic State militants kill, rape and mutilate in the name of Islam.

More than 275,000 civilians killed by Saudi aggression in Yemen – Muslim world just stay silenced.

Hundreds of Muslims refugees in Finland converted to Christianity because ‘they no longer need Islam’.

The family made it to Germany before they were sent to Cadiz Province, on the southern tip of Spain, as part of a European Union program to distribute refugees more evenly.

Because they were suspicious of Christians and disillusioned enough by the cruel way they had been treated in Europe, Amer and his wife were dismayed to have to deal with an outfit run by Christians.

“They didn’t want to talk with us,” Pablo said. “But then they were not able to find a flat, and we helped them get housing. We started building bridges with them and other Syrians through events such as a Syrian food festival. One day, they asked us why we were doing all of this.”


“Syrian refugees are very frustrated with Islam,” Pablo said.

CAM reveals that every six months the EU sends 150 such refugee families to the ministry for assistance in getting resettled, stretching the indigenous ministry’s human and financial resources.

While the Spanish government pays 80 percent of the initial resettlement expenses, the ministry struggles to pay the remaining 20 percent, which goes toward blankets, food, furnishing apartments, gas for cooking and heating water, teaching Spanish, jobs training and starting non-profit business enterprises to help sustain the immigrants.



2 thoughts on “Syrian Refugees in Spain ‘Frustrated With Islam’, Choose to Become Christians.

  1. Yes. It’s the same feeling that hundreds of thousands of Muslims have: Islam doesn’t bring happiness, just oppression, terror; a life lived in fear and tons of hypocrisy.
    Because in Islam one needs to work for salvation, one is also in constant fear of falling short when the good vs. bad deeds will be put on the balance. “What if the bad deed will outweigh the good ones?”. That is why some choose to become martyrs: no need to worry about the balance Heaven is guaranteed for martyrs who blow themselves up. (How sick is that?). Then they run away from the Islamic paradise that brought nothing but suffering, and they meet Christians who are willing to help, willing to share. That baffles them as they were told from young age that Christians and Jews are evil, are wrong, and not to be trusted. Now they see the truth. Not only that, but they also find out that they need not to worry about the balance. Jesus paid the price for them. All they have to do is accept that and show gratitude by accepting His teachings which are marvellous: “Do good even to those who persecute you” “Love….even… your enemy”, etc. No wonder they fall in love with Jesus. When everybody in a society is trying constantly to do good not only to brothers and sisters but to strangers….that society becomes better. Muslims converting to Christianity it’s a trend happening throughout the entire Muslim world. In Iran, in Iraq, in Morocco, in Thailand etc. They realize that Islam is a prison from which you are not allowed to escape. The punishment for leaving Islam is death. How could anyone possible like such a religion? Even if your cage is made of still a cage. God allowed Muhammad to spread his errors in order for people to see the difference and appreciate the truth. And what better lesson than to experience it? People learn best by experience. That is the reason that Muslims coming to Christ make the best Christians: They can appreciate better than those Christians who had it all the time yet didn’t appreciate it. Europe may lose the nominal Christians that turned their back on God and what He has done for them, but Europe will gain the best Christians there are, those who now appreciate fully what Christianity really means. God bless them!


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