Dutch group lock and chain an Islamic primary school in shocking Islamophobic attack. Shameful!

Students at an Islamic primary school in the Dutch city of Leiden were due to return from their summer holidays on Monday, but were unable to enter the building as it had been locked by anti-Islam group Pegida.

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The far-right group had placed a bike lock on the door and shared images of their ‘protest action’ on Twitter.


Pegida Nederland‏ also left a note, complete with a skull and crossbones image, at the gates.

“Islam causes terrible attacks in Europe. You must address the root problem. That is also the closure of Islamic schools,”the group’s note read, according to local media Omroep West.

The IBS Er-Risèlèh school has reported the incident to police.


“We are very upset here. It’s worrying, because you do not know what people are getting in their minds. Many employees now feel unsafe, and we have not seen any police yet,” a spokesperson for the school said.

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Local Dutch Labour party politician Abdelhaq Jermoumi condemned, what he called “another disgusting racist action from Pegida Nederland” which he said only serves to “sow fear and discord.”

The group also carried out a stunt at an under-construction Dutch mosque last month. It hung threatening and anti-Muslim posters on a fence surrounding the construction site of the Selimiye Mosque, work on which began in December 2016



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