Christian terrorists killed 2 UN Peacekeepers in CAR while attempting to seize a cathedral housing 2000 displaced Muslims

Christian militias in Central African Republic have launched several attacks in the town of Bangassoui in recent days, attempting to seize a cathedral housing more than 2000 displaced Muslims and killing a Moroccan peacekeeper, the United Nations said.

Shocking ethnic cleansing of thousands Muslims in Central African Republic, and the World did nothing!

Christians killing thousands of Muslims in Africa, but Western media stay silenced


The incidents, including one on Sunday, came after attacks on the same diamond-mining town in May that killed at least 115 people and pointed to the inability of U.N. peacekeepers to contain violence in a country where government control barely extends outside the capital.”The attack took place as the peacekeepers from the Moroccan contingent were escorting water trucks filling up in the river in order to meet the humanitarian needs of the town,” Vladimir Monteiro, spokesman for the 13,000-strong U.N. mission (MINUSCA), said of the Sunday incident.

Three others were injured, he added, in an attack he attributed to anti-balaka fighters drawn from the country’s Christian majority.


Thousands have died in the ethnic and religious conflict that broke out when mainly Muslim Seleka rebels ousted President Francois Bozize in 2013, provoking a backlash from Christian anti-balaka militias.




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