Cruel!.. Man Burned Alive After Wrongly Accused Of Stealing Speakers From A Mosque in Indonesia

Last week, a man in Indonesia was beaten up by a group of people, and was then burned alive by the crowd after being accused of stealing three sets of loudspeakers from a mosque.


The incident, which happened in Babelan, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, took place right after prayer, when the deceased was accused of stealing. He then was chased down by the locals in the area, and they even burned the man alive.

But, it was then revealed that the man did not steal the speakers, instead it had originally belonged to him.


As revealed by Tribunnews, the man was accused of stealing after he brought his speakers into the mosque. He did that because he did not want the speakers to be stolen.

After the prayers, he took the speakers and went to his motorcycle, but was then accussed of stealing the speakers.

The man was a TV repairman, and the reason he brought the speaker was due to him being on his way to deliver the speakers to his boss’ house.

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The man left behind a wife who is seven months pregnant, and one 5 year old child.

His wife then shared on her Facebook her regrets for her child, for not being able to see his father.


She also said that her husband is not a thief even though they are poor, and she forgives the people who murdered her husband, and hopes that god forgives them too.

It is also understood that now Ustaz Anshari Taslim is now taking donations for the man’s family to help them move on from this tragedy.


One thought on “Cruel!.. Man Burned Alive After Wrongly Accused Of Stealing Speakers From A Mosque in Indonesia

  1. Not all Governmental Judicial systems are the same. This story is an example of the Shariah Islamiyya (Islamic Law) in action. I say this because there was an Imam on location, at the Mosque, right after prayers.

    Yet the Imam did not intervene and take control of the situation. The Imam did not require an Islamic court to determine truth or innocence.

    The Imam did not intervene and have the people arrested who participated in this kangaroo court and swift street justice.

    The next time you voice concern about our often flawed Judicial system here in the United States – thank your lucky stars you live in America and not a country governed under Islamic Law.

    Thank you


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