Hundreds of Muslims refugees in Finland converted to Christianity because ‘they no longer need Islam’.

Hundreds of asylum seekers in Finland converting from Islam to Christianity

Muslim asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq are converting to Christianity by the hundreds, according to Evangelical Lutheran administrators. A parish in eastern Finland is organising additional religious teaching for the new converts.

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Finnish Evangelical Lutheran parishes have begun organising confirmation schooling for Muslim asylum seekers who want to convert to Christianity.

Although no exact figures on converts are kept, even careful estimates put the number of emigrants who have renounced Islam in favour of Christianity in recent years at several hundred, according to expert Marja-Liisa Laihia from the church’s central administration.

Rippikoulu turvapaikanhakijat oppitunti seurakunta kirkko Imatra Vesa Julin
Soon-to-be converts to the Evangelical Lutheran faith during a religious teaching class in Imatra. Image: Kari Kosonen/Yle

Some twenty young Afghani men are currently enrolled in pre-confirmation teaching at the Tainionkoski parish centre in Imatra, Eastern Finland, where they have copies of the New Testament in the Dari language at their disposal. The teaching itself is in English, with a Dari interpreter on hand via Skype.

The need for special religious education first arose a year ago, coinciding with the establishment of the Imatra reception centre.

“Asylum seekers began attending our services so we reacted by starting up the lessons,” says pastor Vesa Julin.

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Church sacraments such as the baptism are common queries among the new members of Finland’s Lutheran flock.

“I haven’t been baptised yet, but I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure I will be a good Christian,” Aliraza Hussaini says.

Disillusionment, integration

Rippikoulu turvapaikanhakijat oppitunti seurakunta kirkko Imatra Vesa Julin (1)
Pastor Vesa Julin at work. Image: Kari Kosonen/Yle

Many of the new confirmation school students cite a dissatisfaction or disillusionment with the Islamic religion as the reason behind their conversion. All are essentially in exile from their homes countries and have been through a harrowing asylum process.

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“I haven’t been in contact with my family in Afghanistan for a very long time. If they find out I’ve converted, it would mean trouble for me,” Golamir Hossaini says.

Many of those who have renounced Islam say they are treated as infidels in their home countries, and all of them say they do not believe they will ever return to Afghanistan.

Rippikoulu turvapaikanhakijat oppitunti seurakunta kirkko Imatra raamattu
The New Testament, Dari language edition.

“They understand that there are different rules in Finland and that people should be treated with respect,” Imatra reception centre chief Lauri Perälä says.

Switching faiths can also ease the transition into Finnish culture.

“It’s easier to live here because most people are Christian,” Hossein Mohammadi says.

In order to be accepted into the Evangelical Lutheran Church, converts must attend and pass the religious training phase, undergo the confirmation ceremony and be in regular contact with the parish for three months. Pastor Julin says the process represents a significant shift in faith and values.


35 thoughts on “Hundreds of Muslims refugees in Finland converted to Christianity because ‘they no longer need Islam’.

    1. It is true that religious switching has always occurred between different deens (~ideologies/faiths).

      However I would deign to suggest that the “extremism”, whatever that means in the round, is a non sequitur.

      The “apparent” conversions (as stated by Christian missionaries) may be in part due to economic migrants assuming this is the guaranteed anchor to achieve citizenship.

      I wonder how Christianity is doing relative to Islam among native Western European origin, often post-Christian, societies?

      It would be interesting to analyse the breakdown figures by nationality, sect & socio-economic background.

      Anecdotally, it appears to my untrained eye that post-Shah secular/Communist “Persian Shias” are more prone to chess-like calculations with regard to religious affiliation. I will venture too far in mentioning dissimulation, lest I incite the histrionic & paranoid 😉


  1. l am living in Muslim Contary Pakistan, there are lot of peoples whom are converted to Christianity. they do know Jesus Christ if guid them they might convince and adept Jesus
    thelover christ


  2. Only way you can became a Christian is to be born again John 3 ..ask Jesus in your heart and He regenerates you. Learning about Christianity does not save a person and going to church does not justify you before Holy God. Only accepting the Price He paid for your redemption makes you a Christian. I am sure many of the muslim convert have done that but there is no chance of life by just changing ones religion. I still think that even outwardly changing to Christianity is better than staying muslim.


    1. That statement pretty much contradicts apostacy. There are growing numbers of apostates in the UK. They live in fear of attack and some already murdered because they have left the cult. One who I wont name is happy to announce it publically and does so at anti extremist marches. His family havent acknowledged him since nor his friends. He would rather live looking over his shoulder and denounce Islam from the roof tops than accept being part of an ideolgy that doesnt allow freedom of thought, or promote violence and death to anyone who disagrees with it.


  3. Deceiving is a major advice in koran to make fool non muslims .They know muslim society is poison not only non muslims ,but even to themselves .But they not ready to except it because they are brainwashed .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sir, have you read the Quraan? I challenge you to read it yourself and find a place where it teaches Muslims to lie. If you are a man of your word, you will not make false accusations yourself. Do you have the courage to let the facts speak for themselves?


    1. One Day shalt thou see the believing men and the believing women- how their Light runs forward before them and by their right hands: (their greeting will be): “Good News for you this Day! Gardens beneath which flow rivers! to dwell therein for aye! This is indeed the highest Achievement!”


  4. This is not really happened!
    This is a propaganda!
    To avoid the other people not run after Islam!
    We will never leave our way inshallah!
    Challenge is to all study and study find the wrong thing in Islam not in Muslims!


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