Watch a Muslim lady insulted by a white woman in UK for wearing hijab (video)

A supermarket shopper was caught on camera telling a niqab-wearing Muslim that she looked ‘like a bloody pillar box’.

The woman launched her vicious tirade when she saw a Muslim couple in an Aldi store in Feltham, west London yesterday.

She repeatedly shouted at the husband that it was ‘disgusting’ that he ‘made’ his wife wear the full-body covering but he calmly replied that it was ‘her choice’.

The man remained calm as the women continued shouting ‘it’s disgusting’. He coolly told her ‘you need to educate yourself,’ later adding ‘you’re a comedian’.

The woman, seemingly incapable of elaborating or attempting to justify her opinion, kept shouting.


The husband asked her ‘do you think freedom of choice is disgusting?’

He then told her ‘your attitude is disgusting’ and she childishly responded ‘no, your attitude is disgusting.’


She also told him: ‘You should not allow your wife to go around like that’.

Eventually the argument was cooled by a store worker who intervened and told everyone to calm down.

The Metropolitan Police told MailOnline it has not received any reports of a hate crime in the store.

It comes after police figures revealed Islamophobic crimes in Greater Manchester increased by 500 per cent after the bomb attack in the city.


Hundreds of complaints about attacks, threats and vandalism directed against Muslim residents were received by GMP in the wake of the Arena attack on May 22.

Muslim organisations – as well as individuals and families – now say they face daily harassment and abuse by those who wrongly blame them for the actions Islamist-inspired Salman Abedi.



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