Three Israelis killed by Palestinian Resisters in illegal West Bank settlement – shortly after Israeli forces murdered 3 Palestinians

Three Israelis were stabbed to death and a fourth was wounded in a knife attack in the illegal Israeli settlement of Neve Tsuf on Friday, the Israeli army and media said.

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The army said in a statement that the four victims were Israeli civilians and that the assailant was also shot. It was not known whether he was killed or wounded.

The attacker was identified as a Palestinian, according to local media citing officials. Israel Radio identified him as a 19-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank village of Khobar near Ramallah.


The attacker was shot by Israeli security personnel which were dispatched to the scene.

It remains unclear if the attacker was still alive after being shot.

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Israeli Zionists siege Al-Aqsa mosque and cancelled Friday prayer for the first time in 17 years – 3 Palestinians killed

Day of Rage

In what’s being termed the Day of Rage, thousands of Palestinians across the occupied territories are protesting Israeli impositions on Al-Aqsa today. So far, clashes with Israeli security forces have led to over 391 Palestinians being injured and resulted in the killing of 3 Palestinians: Muhammad Mahmoud Sharf, 18; Mohammed Hassan Abu Ghanam, 21; and Muhammad Laafi, 17.

Final Facebook posting by the alleged Palestinian fighter

Earlier today, Israeli forces also stormed a Jerusalem hospital to arrest injured Palestinians, while denying Human Rights Watch’s Palestine Director access to the hospital.

Solidarity marches have also taken place across the globe today, while many a world leader have been applying pressure on Israel to return to the status quo.


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