World watches in horror as President Trump posted video of him beating up ‘CNN’

Celebrities are reacting to Donald Trump tweeting on Sunday morning a 28-second video of him wrestling to the ground a person with the CNN logo over his head, along with the caption, “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN.” The metaphor appears to be that the president is taking down CNN, with whom he’s long sparred and called “fake news.” The actual clip, which has been modified with the CNN logo, dates back to an appearance Trump made at Wrestlemania in 2007, during which he tackled and beat up WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Now Hollywood stars are sharing their reactions to the footage.

Seth Rogen tweeted, “Remember the time the president photoshopped the logo of a news company on a person and then tweeted a vid of him fake wrestling that logo?” Albert Brooks jokingly cautioned, “Don’t be horrified by CNN wrestling tweet, it’s just practice. He’s scheduled to wrestle Putin for control of the world.” And Cher pointed out, “The irony in Trump calling CNN fake while using a clip of him pretending to beat someone up in a NOT AT ALL REAL FIGHT in a WWE match.”

Andy Richter felt, “It shows a stunning denseness to choose a clip of your own cameo in a pro wrestling match to attack something for being ‘fake.’” Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton compared, “July 2, 1776: Continental Congress votes for independence. July 2, 2017: Trump auditions for @WWE.” And John Legendsimply wrote, “25th Amendment,” which theoretically allows for the president to be removed from office because he’s “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” Vice President Mike Pence, along with members of the cabinet, would have to go to Congress and argue their case that Trump doesn’t have the faculties to be president.

Zendaya wrote, “I just want you all to remember… this is a tweet from the ‘president’… ok.” She followed that up with a second message explaining, “Like no one hacked it, it’s not a parody account… that’s really him… that s**t is just embarrassing.” And John Fugelsang weighed in, “Let’s just remind all these #25thAmendmentNow folks that President Mike Pence would have all the evil but half the entertainment value.”

While that will never happen, “#25thAmendmentNow” became a trending topic on Twitter following President Trump tweeting the video of him wrestling a person with a CNN logo over his head.


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