Was Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter Esteban Santiago radicalized? – Q&A for Americans

Below questions were taken from most popular keyword search from United States on our site soon after Esteban Santiago rampage at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

p.s. : United States = US 


Q: Was Esteban Santiago a muslim?

So far there’s no report from any “credible” news sources such as Fox News or Department of Homeland Security that Mr. Santiago was indeed caught yelling “Allah Akbar” while going on the rampage.

Q: Did Esteban Santiago went to mosque?

A lot of people went to mosque everyday which makes it difficult to track down every one of them. So far the FBI who were tasked to monitor every mosque in US haven’t release any statement yet.

Q: What was Esteban Santiago muslim tied?

Perhaps he has eaten few halal kebabs. Who knew?

Q: Is Esteban Santiago a muslim name?

Nope. That name is as Hispanic as it gets.

Q: Esteban Santiago an ISIS member?

No. He was in fact believed that he had been brainwashed by US government to fight ISIS. Which makes it perfectly normal since most American do believe that they also must fight ISIS.

Q: Was Esteban Santiago radicalized?

Yes. By the American forces to fight unsanctioned war in Iraq that killed thousands.

Q: Is Esteban Santiago a terrorist?

Nope. Since he’s not a Muslim, yet.


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