Donald Trump is angry at CNN for using his “worst” photo -take a look at the picture and judge it yourself

US President-elect complained on Tuesday that TV channel CNN has used his ‘worst’ picture ever as the cover art for a new book about the 2016 Presidential election. His tweet said: “@CNN just released a book called ‘Unprecedented’ which explore the 2016 race and victory, Hope it does well but used worst cover photo of me!”


The book was written by CNN writer Thomas Lake, during the election and is a chronicle of Trump’s surprising win.

CNN’s website described the book as a deeply reported account on the fight for the presidency between Trump — “a blustery billionaire and reality TV star with no military or government experience, no respect for the rules of politics and no fear of offending people” – and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


There are two versions of the book’s cover – an ‘Inaugural edition’ featuring a stern-looking Trump and another version that contains a collage of different photos from the election, including a large picture of Trump speaking at a podium.

It’s unclear which cover photo the 70-year-old US President-elect was referring to as being “the worst”, said.


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