Rogue One – You’re a good guy if you’re a white American, and terrorists if you fight them.

The timing of this movie couldn’t be more perfect.


As the throne of the Empire changed and the Republic now has a new evil ruler, it almost as Nostradamus-ly made to be this way.

The new President of The Republic


Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump. It felt so wrong that I have to write that down twice. Just to make sure.

“Should there be a database or system that tracks Muslims in this country?”… “I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,” – Donald Trump

That quote will make perfect sense if Emperor Palpatine said it. But no, it was our newly elected President Trump  visionary words during an interview when an MSNBC reporter who asked Trump, “Should there be a database or system that tracks Muslims in this country?”

You gave him the idea, now we got one.

The Rebel will destroy the Galactic Empire way of life

This makes perfect sense.

“We’re fighting for our way of life and our ability to live in freedom” – George W Bush , September 2006

That was President Bush answer when he acknowledged the existence of numerous secret CIA prisons outside U.S. borders to hold top suspects captured in the war on terrorism. Which is illegal according to any humanely law ever existed by the way.

But who cares.

Millions innocent Iraqi and Afghanistan children died? – That is collateral damage

A whole family got droned bombed to pieces? – Well, they shouldn’t put harbor any terrorist

A farmer got blown while walking his goat? – Opss, my bad. The pictures are blurry in this old screen.

The ironic thing is that those Rebels has really no regards to how a democratic system works. You can’t just create violence because you happened to have some foreign leader come killing your family back home. You have a UN for that for god sake. Or in this case a Galactic Senate.


What? They just bunch of puppets put up for show? Well, too bad then. Wish you were born American, didn’t you?


Hypocritical American and Hollywood

So, I believed the correct story line for any new Star Wars movie is that the Rebel should be more dark skinned-colored and speak some foreign language. While for Darth Vader and his accomplice they could be anyone, as long as they are White American.

Then we’ll see who the real “good guy” is.


The only good thing about this Rebel thing is that they are already up in the desert. So no need to make up any story line of how the whole galactic war is not about oil.

Then we can truly see what this Jedi is all about. A group of freak terrorists!



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