Aleppo has been destroyed to the ground – Who is the good guy now?

It will take many months and millions of dollars to breathe life back into Aleppo’s devastated water, electricity, and transportation networks.


Four years of fighting have transformed it from Syria’s industrial and commercial powerhouse to a divided and dysfunctional city.

The winner of the Battle of Aleppo

Forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad declared full control over Syria’s second city last week, after a landmark evacuation deal ended years of clashes.


Russian and Syrian air strikes devastated more than half Aleppo’s infrastructure and buildings, according to a “preliminary, optimistic evaluation” by local authorities.

The main power station at Safirah to the southeast has been off line for two years because of the fighting.

Members of the Free Syrian Army use a catapult to launch a homemade bomb during clashes with pro-government soldiers in the city of Aleppo

Aleppo’s residents are forced to rely on noisy generators that supply electricity through a web of thick cables snaking through scarred streets.

But they are shut down at midnight to save diesel supplies.

The skeletons out of the closet

Russian sappers deployed to Aleppo made a sensational discovery this week, uncovering a weapons cache left behind by anti-government militants filled to the brim with ammo for heavy weapons manufactured in countries including the US, Germany and Bulgaria.

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Russian troops also have found mass graves in Aleppo with bodies showing signs of torture and mutilation, the Russian defence ministry has claimed.

Major General Igor Konashenkov said the Russians “found mass graves of several dozens of Syrians who suffered atrocious torture and massacre”.


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In a statement, he said some of the bodies had been mutilated and some had gunshot wounds.

While on the other side…


Thousands of Iranian service members are stationed in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, a spokesman for a recently created Syrian opposition faction, Syria’s Tomorrow, said Wednesday.

Tehran Refuses to Cooperate With Washington on Syria – Iranian Defense Minister This came in response to assurance from Iran’s Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan that the country had no boots on the ground in Aleppo, which was recaptured from militants earlier this year. The minister warned Iran could send in military advisers if needed.

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“All this underlines what should have been an obvious point, admitted by many US officials, that every single armed group in Syria (whether ‘moderate’ or ‘extremist’) has been armed and financed by the US and its allies, in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian Government. All the talk about ‘moderate rebels’, a ‘brutal regime’ and a ‘civil war’ just tries to hide this,” Professor Anderson explains.

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No Man’s Land


Bashar’s forces may have won the battle this time around. But be assured that the “Losers” won’t accept such crucial defeat graciously.

There will be next round of battle in this city of Aleppo. Until then, what people of Aleppo can do for now is to rebuild and enjoy their lives as much as they can.



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