General information about writing a college admission essay

University entrance is a very important and nervous period in the life of every graduate student. At this time everything should be done in the best way especially an admission essay. In this article, you will understand the typical rules of making this essay and maybe find something new to yourself. Also, you will learn some college admission essay common mistakes.

What you should do before writing the task

From my personal point of view, this advice is general for every work that you are doing for some purposes. You should think carefully about the theme of your essay and plan out what you want to write. Fulfilment has a fast and high-quality result in the future.

  • Choose the arguments that confirm your theme with100% guarantee. Write down all the thoughts that you have in your mind. Then pick only two or three of them, which seems to you better to use.
  • Realize how many words will be in each part of your essay. Usually, such types of work have their own word limits. If you want to save time, you should carefully divide all words among the three main parts of your essay.
  • Write a draft. There you should put all the information together and understand what is necessary and what is not.

Structure of a college admission essay

As a general essay, this type also consists of an introduction, the body of the text and conclusion. However, it has its own differences. For example: in a college admission essay like in nursing essay you should pay great attention to the appearance of the work. Each of the main parts should take the beginning from the new line and the number of words should be as it is said in the task. Let’s briefly understand what information we give to the examiner in each part, more info

  • Introduction. In the introduction you interest the reader in your topic and give small facts, which provoke to read more. It can be some statistics from the modern world or a strong phrase that was said by someone very famous. Remember that you have word limits, so don’t write too much.
  • Body of the text. Body of the text consists of the evidence that proves your point of view about this theme. Fill your essay with grammatically correct phrases and sentences that will intrigue the reader in you. The more diverse your speech, the greater success you will have.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion should tie up all the information that was written earlier. In easy words, in conclusion, you can say the same things that you have said in the introduction, but in other phrases. Also, make the last sentence memorable, that’s why you will leave a good impression about yourself.

Also, don’t forget about useful tips that will help you to write a successful essay. We put together all of them and choose only those, which are the most significant in that situation. There you can see the list of them.

  1. Never put off the writing till tomorrow.
  2. Write from your point of view.
  3. Try not to be like others.
  4. Show to the readers all your potential.
  5. Every phrase should have its own proof.

Consider the mistakes of previous students

If you want to avoid the repetition of the mistakes of other students, you should understand where they have made them and pay more attention to such places. Up next you can see the list of common mistakes, which students have made in previous years. Read them and try not to make them in your work.

  1. Too long narration, which makes readers feel boring.
  2. Too complicated phrases that have been used grammatically incorrect.
  3. Usage of the facts that have no evidence in reality. (Every evidence that you have written in your essay should have a proof).
  4. Telling to the readers what they want to hear. (In that situation you forget about your opinion and try to say something that disagrees with it).